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Delve into the evolution of Russell Promise through our comprehensive archive, documenting our commitment to empowering the Russell community.

Madison Street Overview

Outlines RPOP's strategy to revitalize Russell's community through property transfer, thematic development, and community engagement.

July 1, 2024
CU & RPOP One-Pager

RPOP empowers Russell, fostering wealth, businesses, community assets, and stronger ties, transforming it into a place of promise.

October 12, 2024
RPOP 2022 Preview Event Slides

RPOP 2022 Preview: Investing in Russell's future with upcoming events, community engagement, and strategic initiatives to empower residents and businesses.

September 30, 2024
30th & Madison Street Pitch Session

"Russell: A Place of Promise - Madison Street Pitch Session 3" outlines community development plans for Russell, focusing on strategic investment and entrepreneurship.

December 21, 2023

Watch and Learn

View all the things happening with Russell Promise

11.15 30th & Madison Street Update

View a comprehensive update on the 11-15 30th Madison Street Project, where we're dedicated to investing in the future of the Russell neighborhood.

RPOP 2023 Homecoming Vendor Orientation

Join us for a special orientation session tailored for vendors participating in the RPOP 2023 Homecoming event.

30th & Madison Development Learning Session | POP Convening 2023

Dive into the intricacies of the 30th & Madison Development project during the POP Convening 2023.

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